Launch your
publishing business

The Internet rewards people who think well, learn passionately, and share their best ideas.

We make your publishing site. You turn your audience into a business and get paid monthly. We help you with expertise and technology every step of the way.

Dashboard - your writing making money

What you get


Charge for
Advertising models no longer work. Micropayments have never worked. What works is sustainable revenue generated via memberships & subscriptions.


Own your
We set up your new publication site. You then own your site. You own & control your business from customer to code, not us, not Big Tech.


You are working with
a tech-savvy founder
Git Street's founder hired tons of talents (including developers) throughout a (high-tech executive turned indie-maker) career and is very experienced in managing projects to completion.

Start a membership business

Develop a direct relationship with your audience and turn your members into paying customers. Generate predictable, recurring revenue to support your work by charging for memberships.

Own your data, code, distribution and relationship with your audience. Unlike when you build your audience on Big Tech platforms, which can throttle your growth or ban your profile.


Until recently, building a publication with memberships and subscriptions
has been difficult and complicated — We make it easy
For businesses or those
with additional needs
All the greatness of Plus and:
✔️ Tailored project to meet
business needs
✔️ Stay top of mind and raise
awareness for your business
✔️ Assess quality of members
as leads by collecting notes on them
✔️ Organize your members/leads
in lists by labeling them
✔️ Set up publication site
on a subdomain
✔️ Set up unlimited authors /
staff users
✔️ Set up Terms of Use Page
(you/your lawyer define legals)
✔️ Set up Privacy Policy Page
(you/your lawyer define legals)
✔️ Set up About Page for
your publication
✔️ Set up About Page for
your publication's authors
✔️ Set up Membership Page
✔️ Set up newsletter archive
✔️ Upload your publication's
logo, icon and cover image
✔️ Link your publication's
social accounts
✔️ 1 additional revision
Powerful paid publication /
newsletter (Paywalled site)
£ 19 950
All goodness of Standard and:
✔️ Publication / newsletter
strategy deck
✔️ Develop a direct relationship
with your audience
✔️ You own your audience,
not Big Tech
✔️ Own your distribution
✔️ Deliver your content directly
to your members' inboxes
✔️ Collect unlimited members
✔️ Charge for membership via a paywall (Stripe)
✔️ Each of your members get their
own log in accounts
✔️ Git Street takes 0% of your sales
✔️ Control access to individual posts
(paid-members only, members, public)
✔️ Set up custom domain
(you buy the domain)
✔️ SSL (free with Cloudflare)
✔️ Set up SMTP email functions
✔️ 1 additional revision
Powerful publication site
hosted for free
£ 9 500
All the benefits of Prep and:
✔️ Set up a selected 2-screen
design theme
✔️ Custom 2-screen
publication site copy
✔️ Publication site live
(hosted free on
✔️ Serve unlimited views
✔️ One-off fixed price service
✔️ Own your site's code
✔️ Own your data
✔️ No need for you to code
✔️ 1 revision
Defining requirements
for your publication site
£ 0
✔️ We'll send you a questionnaire
to gather your objectives
✔️ You get a high-level non-custom
2-screen responsive design

Get 1:1 support

If you need help defining your priorities ahead of choosing a package, let's talk. You will get 30 minutes packed with tips, advice and actionable insights you will be able to use straight away.

To book a first consultation, click the button below to pay via Stripe, and we will be in touch to arrange a time.


Interesting! But how does all of this actually work?
Once you've purchased a package (Standard, Plus or Business) and we've gone through Prep, we will set up a brand new Ghost site install for you on (You provide us with a login). Code will be managed in a free open-source Github organization. You can invite us as a team member to your Github organization or if you don't have one yet, we can create one for you. You will also need a Mailgun account to power system emails (make sure your Mailgun account is at least Flex).

When choosing either Plus or Business packages you will also need a Cloudflare account for SSL and a Stripe account to charge for memberships.

Don't worry if the above does not make sense at this stage. In time, it will.

What sort of things are NOT included?
Put simply, we will not write custom code for you. For anything which requires custom software development, you will need to use or contract your own development team. Additionally, we are not able to support third party products or providers who you might use - you need to contact their support teams for that.
Do you offer ongoing support and updates?
Once everything is set up, you will have a fully operational publication/newsletter site that you fully own & control (from customers to code). Optionally, you can choose to receive ongoing premium support and updates via our Base support plan or our Bespoke support plan. Please contact us for more on our support plans.
Can you create a custom invoice that meets my government/company requirements?
We are happy to create an invoice to your specification.
Please contact us.
I'm very interested in a specific feature from a higher package. Can I swap features between the different packages?
The packages have been carefully designed based on how significant is the undertaking to provide a high quality service, so please choose the package that includes the features you are interested in.
What if none of these packages fit my budget?
We can't recommend anywhere else you could go for strategy advisory, but when it comes to tech, Ghost is completely open-source and developer documentation has been made available to help get a development team started with the site installation.
Should I choose a lower package now, can I pay only the difference amount when purchasing a higher package later?
Should the purchase of the lower package have happened in the last 14 days, you can pay only the difference amount to the higher package. Should, however, over 14 days have passed since the package purchase, you will be charged the full higher package price.
Why should I work with you?
In one word: We're experienced. We're aware you are after fast results and we'll get your project shipped smoothly. We strive to have clients 100% satisfied (and here we should be aligned as you most probably also want to be 100% happy with your deliverable). It is therefore important, that you make time to provide timely feedback/approval to deliverables in accordance to a schedule we shall agree together.

Git Street's founder designs, develops and ships, has been a product manager, holds a Master of Science in STEM and an MBA from a top ranked business school.

I don't know how to turn 'what I know' into a publication that makes money. Is that a problem?
Not at all! That's ideal!

In the Plus package, we'll produce a strategy deck for your publication / newsletter that will help you structure your thinking and prioritize your actions.

Coming into indie publishing without prior experiences (and prior mistakes that come with it) will help you move forward much faster and with a lot of fresh energy.

I already have a successful career. Why should I write online?
If you are reading this, you most probably think there is room for growth. Check out our manifesto: Why You Should Write To Progress Your Career. A Future Of Work Manifesto.
How do I know Git Street is a perfect fit for me?
You're a perfect fit for Git Street if...
  • you're a knowledge worker who has an entrepreneurial personality and takes initiative inside your company
  • or you're a founder, developer, freelancer or plan to be soon
  • or you already have a follower base on social networks but would like to develop a direct relationship with your audience
When is Git Street NOT a good fit for me?
When you are after a simple click'n'drag website builder or trying to build complicated sites with many features (with alternate data structures, e-commerce stores, digital downloads or other features not related to publishing). Alternatively, you can have those features developed by your own development team on a separate subdomain or your main SLD.

We are all about publishing here at Git Street. We have good fit with those who have plans to create a serious publication (those who want to write to progress their career / business). Check out our manifesto: Why You Should Write To Progress Your Career. A Future Of Work Manifesto.

Do you offer a student or charity discount?
Yes! Please contact us.
Can I give a publication / newsletter site as a gift?
Yes! Please contact us and we will walk you
through how to make it happen.

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